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Repeatable Flash

Ornament 31

Ornament 31

$350 Base Price

7 to 8.5 inches tall.


Please contact me before booking if you would like to change anything about this design (other than mirroring or re-sizing).

A deposit of $80 is required to book your appointment. This deposit will be applied to the total cost of your tattoo. Deposits are not refundable for any reason, but they may be transferred to a new appointment date with at least 72 hours notice. My full deposit policy can be found here.

This design is copyrighted property of Lizzy Dalton. Do not copy this design or ask another tattoo artist to copy it.

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How much will my tattoo cost?

All flash is charged at a flat rate. This design will cost $350 to tattoo it on an arm or leg between 7 to 8.5 inches tall. Larger sizes and more difficult placements will be charged a higher rate. This includes placement on the torso, hands, feet, joints, head, or neck. I will notify you before we start tattooing if your chosen size and placement will incur a higher rate.

Which placement option should I choose?

Please select “Arm or Leg” for limb placements that are NOT on a hand, foot, or joint. Please select “Other Placement” for hands, feet, elbows, knees, tops of shoulders, torso, head, or neck. If you are not sure which placement to choose, please choose “Other Placement.”

Which size option should I choose?

Please select “Standard Size” if you would like your tattoo to be between 7 to 8.5 inches tall, and select “Larger than Standard” if you would like to go bigger. If you are not sure what size you want, please select “Larger than Standard” if it is possible you will go larger than 8.5 inches.

What if I want to go smaller than 7 inches?

Unfortunately I will not tattoo my flash designs smaller than the standard range. I want to give you the best tattoo I can, and your tattoo may heal and/or age poorly if we try to make it too small.

Can I request a change to the design?

This design is intended to be tattooed exactly as it is in the image pictured here. I will consider changes to the design, but please contact me before booking if you would like anything changed! I want to make sure that your desired changes are possible and allot enough time in my schedule before you pay a deposit. If you don’t contact me before booking, I can’t guarantee that I will be able to accommodate your desired changes, and I may need to cancel or reschedule your appointment. Please see this page for more information about changes to flash designs.

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