Your Appointment


I highly recommend drinking lots of water and moisturizing regularly in the days leading up to your appointment. Your skin will be much easier to tattoo if it is hydrated (meaning your tattoo will be done faster and cost less)! Make sure to come to your appointment well-rested and eat a filling meal before you come in. Avoid alcohol the night before, and avoid excessive caffeine the day of your tattoo.


What to Bring

  • A valid, government-issued photo ID.
  • A mask to wear during your appointment.
  • Card or cash to pay for the tattoo. (I do not accept Venmo/Paypal/etc for tattoo appointments.)
  • Clothing that allows easy access to the area we are going to tattoo, and that you don’t mind possibly getting ink on.
  • Drinks and snacks if we have a longer appointment.
  • If you want, entertainment or distractions such as a book to read, headphones for listening to a podcast or watching a show, etc. I tend to go into focus mode while tattooing and am often pretty quiet while I work. (Although conversation doesn't bother me if you like to chat!)


The Studio

La Petite Tattoo is a private, all-female studio, and we aim to create a calm and comfortable environment for all of our clients. The studio is located at 4506 SE Belmont St in Portland, Oregon. We are inside the Old Belmont Square building, on the second floor at the top of the stairs.

We do not have dedicated parking, however there is plenty of free street parking in the neighborhood. Most of the spaces on Belmont are 1 or 2-hour parking, so I recommend parking on the side streets to the north or south.

Unfortunately there is not an elevator in the building, so if you require a more accessible space, please let me know and I can make other arrangements for your appointment.


A Note to my Clients

I strive to provide a safe space for all of my clients, regardless of gender, race, body type, age, ability, etc. I want you to feel in control of what we do to your body, and I never want you to feel rushed to make a decision or pressured to get a tattoo you don’t want. I may give advice on what I think works best, but I will always give you final say in the decisions we make. I do my best to communicate my intentions and check in throughout the process, and I want you to feel empowered to speak up if there’s anything you’re not sure of, or if there is anything I can do to make you more comfortable. I do not pack my schedule, so we have plenty of time to adjust the stencil, take breaks, etc. I will never hold it against you if you decide not to get a tattoo, if you need to reschedule to have more time to think about it, or if you want to end a session early for any reason.