About Me

 I’m Lizzy Dalton (she/her), a tattoo artist and fine artist based in Portland, Oregon.

I grew up in upstate New York, and attended college at Wesleyan University in Connecticut, where I received my degree in Studio Art. After college, I lived in New York City for several years, until I grew tired of big city life and decided to move somewhere with a lower cost of living and better access to the outdoors. In 2015, my partner, Alex, and I drove across the country with our dog, Juniper, and all the belongings we could fit in the car, and settled here in Portland.

Around that same time, I started creating art inspired by my experiences as a rock climber and by my love of nature and the outdoors. I painted the mountains and rock formations that appealed to the climber in me, and my signature style of landscape illustration began to emerge. I began selling my art, and by 2018 I was able to quit my day job to become a full-time professional artist.

Tattooing is an art form that has appealed to me for many years, but for a long time I was unable to pursue an apprenticeship or tattoo school. As a professional artist I noticed a lot of interest in tattoos of my art, with customers frequently asking for custom tattoo designs or to take my existing designs to their tattoo artists. This helped affirm me in my decision to finally pursue tattooing, and in 2021 I enrolled in tattoo school. I tattooed my first clients in January of 2022.

I love the art of tattooing; it has been one of the most challenging yet rewarding artistic media that I have ever worked with. I love being able to bring my signature artistic style into this unique media, and I love helping my clients to fall more in love with their bodies.

You can learn more about my fine art at lizzydaltonart.com.