Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book a flash tattoo?

Please see this page for instructions on booking a flash tattoo through this site!

How do I book a custom tattoo?

Please sign up for my mailing list at this bottom of this page, then wait patiently for me to email you that my custom books are open. When my books are open, you can request an appointment by filling out a booking request form on this site. If you don’t get in, please be understanding that I’m only one person and try again next time! More info about booking can be found here.

What's the difference between flash and custom tattoos?

"Flash" refers to tattoo designs that I have already created, and are ready to be tattooed as-is. "Custom" refers to a design that I create just for you, based on your specifications.

When will your custom books open again?

At the moment I do not have an exact timeline for re-opening my custom books, but I expect it will be sometime in late 2024 or early 2025.

Do you do cover-ups or reworks of existing tattoos?

I accept cover-ups on reworks on a case-by-case basis. I’m happy to help fix your unwanted tattoos, but I will only do so if I am confident I can give you a good end result. To request a cover-up/rework, please submit a request when my custom books are open, and make sure to include a photo of the existing tattoo in your reference images.

How do you decide who to book for custom tattoos?

I primarily decide which customs projects to take on based on which projects sound most interesting to me, which most align with my artistic goals, and which I am most confident I can execute well. I do give more consideration to people who have submitted before, and to return clients.

Can you just tell me if this idea is something you could tattoo?

I ask that you please do not send me your tattoo ideas outside of my booking process. Because my availability for custom tattoos is so limited, I prefer not to spend time consulting on your tattoo ideas outside of my regular booking process. This is a boundary I have set to help manage demands on my time and emotional energy, and I appreciate your understanding in this regard! Please see this page to get in idea of the types of tattoos I am interested in.

Can you design a tattoo for me? (To take to another artist, or to get as a tattoo from me in the future.)

Due to high demand for custom tattoos, I am not able to take on custom tattoo design projects without an appointment booked. I am also not interested in drawing custom designs for other artists to tattoo.

I live far away. Can I take one of your flash designs to another artist near me?

At this time, I am not granting permission for other artists to tattoo my designs. However, I do have plans to start offering “Tattoo Passes” for select flash designs in the future. Stay tuned!

Can I get in the next time you have a cancellation?

I currently do not keep a cancellation list. If I do have a last-minute opening that I need to fill, I will post it to my Instagram stories. (You can turn on story notifications to make sure you don’t miss it.)

Are your flash designs repeatable?

Most of my flash designs are repeatable and may be tattooed on multiple people. More complicated flash designs are usually one-offs, although I may tattoo similar variations of the same design. (For example, a blackwork version and a color version, the same design with different background/framing elements, etc.)

I want one of your flash designs, but I want something changed. Will you do that?

I’m almost always happy to consider minor edits to my flash designs, as long as you let me know when booking. You can see some examples of changes I can usually accommodate for flash appointments here. If your requested edits will require significant re-designing, I will ask that you request a custom tattoo.

Will you do multiple tattoos in one session?

As long as we enough time during your allotted appointment, we can absolutely do multiple small tattoos in one sitting! I offer a discount of $50-$100 for multiple flash tattoos in one sitting.

Will I see my custom design before my appointment?

Yes! I usually send designs a day or two before your appointment, and I allow plenty of time for edits if the design isn't perfect for you.

Can I use numbing cream before my appointment?

Please reach out to me if you plan on using numbing cream before your appointment. I’ve had mixed experiences tattooing pre-numbed skin, but I am okay with numbing creams as long as you are aware that it can change the texture of the skin and make it harder for me to achieve a good end result. I do have numbing spray and ointment that we can use during the procedure to help with pain.

Can I bring a guest with me to my appointment?

One guest is okay! Please do not bring additional guests.

Do I need to tip?

Tips are never required, but they are highly appreciated! A 10%-25% tip is standard for the tattoo industry.

Do you accept non-monetary tips?

Absolutely! I love food and drinks and am always happy to receive coffee, tea, candy, snacks, desserts, etc. (I have no dietary restrictions and will eat/drink just about anything.) I also enjoy receiving plants, natural curios (bones, rocks, etc), and handmade gifts.