Flash Tattoos

“Flash” refers to tattoo designs that I have already created. All of my flash designs can be viewed here. Each design will list information about recommended sizing and estimated price, and I ask that you make note of this information when requesting a flash tattoo.

When you book a flash appointment, generally you will be getting one of my pre-drawn designs, exactly as drawn with no changes to the design. I will consider minor changes to my flash designs (changes to the color or shading, adding or removing minor elements, etc), however, you must let me know when booking if you want anything about your chosen design to be different than it is in the reference image. If your requested edits will require significant re-designing, I will ask that you request a custom tattoo.

We can usually mirror and/or resize the image (subject to minimum size), and in some cases I can make minor adjustments during your appointment to better fit your body (i.e., freehanding leaves or other minor elements).

Many of my flash designs are repeatable, meaning I may tattoo them on multiple people. More complicated flash designs will usually only be tattooed once, although I may tattoo similar variations of the same design.

I may also use some of my flash designs for other purposes. This can include selling prints, stickers, or other merchandise with the design, granting permission to other tattoo artists to tattoo the design, or licensing the design to companies to print on their products.

If it is important for you to have a design that is 100% unique to you, I recommend booking a custom tattoo.