Flash Tattoos

“Flash” refers to tattoo designs that I have already created. Flash can be booked at any time through the scheduling feature on this site; please see this page for booking instructions.

All flash designs are priced at a flat rate based on size, style, level of detail, etc. The “standard price” given for each flash design reflects the cost to tattoo that design on an arm or leg (excluding joints, hands, and feet), within the listed size range. Larger sizes and more difficult placements (torso, hands, feet, knees, elbows, tops of shoulders, neck, etc) will be charged a higher rate, to be determined at your appointment based on final size and placement.

Many of my flash designs are repeatable, meaning I may tattoo them on multiple people. More complicated flash designs will usually only be tattooed once, although I may tattoo similar variations of the same design. I may also use some of my flash designs for other purposes; this can include selling prints, shirts, or other merchandise with the design, granting permission to other tattoo artists to tattoo the design, or licensing the design to companies to print on their products.


Changes to Flash Designs

I will consider minor changes to my flash designs, however, you must let me know when booking if you want anything about your chosen design to be different than it is in the reference image.  Certain changes may increase the total cost of the tattoo. Below are examples of small changes that I am usually able to accommodate for my flash appointments:

  • Removing color and/or shading
  • Changing the palette of a color design
  • Mirroring the image
  • Switching the sun/moon/geometric accent for a different one (i.e., switching between open circle, black circle, dotted circle, crescent moon, sun with rays, diamond, etc.)
  • Adjusting the position of the sun/moon/geometric accent to better fit your body or fit around other tattoos
  • Adjusting or removing leaves to better fit your body or fit around other tattoos
  • Removing elements entirely (as long as the resulting composition still looks okay)
  • Adding elements IF they are very simple (for example, basic geometric shapes like a circle or diamond, a sun or moon, a few generic leaves) and they work well with the existing composition

If your desired changes will mean that I need to spend a significant amount of time re-drawing the design, or if the tattoo itself will take significantly longer to execute, I will not be able to accommodate them for your flash appointment. For these more significant design changes, you will need to request a custom tattoo when my custom books are open. Below are some examples of changes that I am usually NOT able to make for flash appointments:

  • Adding color to a blackwork or black and grey tattoo.
  • Combining elements from different flash designs (for example, taking the mountains from one landscape design and the foreground from another).
  • Changing the main element to a different thing entirely.
  • Changing the pose of an animal.
  • Changing an element to be more realistic or more like a specific version of the thing. ( If I have to look up reference photos to make sure I’m drawing what you want correctly, that’s a good sign that I’m going to consider it a custom.)
  • Adding more elements to the design (other than a few simple exceptions such as those above).