Custom Tattoos

Custom tattoos are designs that I create according to your specifications. Due to limited availability, I cannot accept all of the custom proposals I receive, and I choose which projects to book based on what are most inspiring to me, and what I am most confident I can execute well.

If you are interested in a custom tattoo from me, you will be able to request one via my booking form when my custom books are open. Please do not send me your tattoo ideas when my books are closed! If you are wondering if your idea is something I might be interested in, please read "My Interests" below.

I will ask for the following information in your booking form:

  • Design concept
  • Approximate size
  • Desired placement
  • Reference images

Please be as clear as possible about what you are envisioning, as I will use this information to design your tattoo. If you are unsure of some details, that is okay, just let me know what is important to you and where you are flexible or undecided.

I ask that you provide reference images when requesting a custom tattoo. These can include:

  • Examples of my own work that you like (art or tattoos)
  • Photos of your desired subject matter
  • Rough sketches of your idea
  • Tattoos or art from other people that inspire you (just understand that I will NOT copy other artist’s designs without written permission)
  • Photos of the body part you want tattooed, or that illustrate your desired placement

If you would prefer to discuss your ideas in person, I am happy to schedule a consultation after your booking request has been accepted. In some cases, I may request a consultation if I feel I need to see your desired placement in person or discuss your idea in more detail before I start designing.

I always show custom designs before your appointment. I will usually email you the design a day or two before your appointment. In some cases, I may send a rough draft a few days earlier to make sure I’m going in the right direction. Please be sure to keep an eye on your email in the days leading up to your appointment! I am happy to edit the design to create your perfect tattoo,  but more than 2 rounds of edits will require an additional drawing fee of $50-$100.

Re-Works and Cover-ups

I will accept re-works and cover-ups of existing tattoos on a case-by-case basis. I am happy to help you fix tattoos that you’re not in love with, but I will only take on these projects if I am confident that I can give you a good end result. If you are interested in having me fix or cover an existing tattoo, please submit a booking request for a custom tattoo, and include a photo of the existing tattoo in your reference images.


My Interests

To help determine if I am the right artist for your idea, below is more information about what I’m currently interested and not interested in tattooing.

Stylistically, I am looking to focus more on high-contrast blackwork/black and grey designs, as well as full-color designs. In general, I’d like to take on larger, bolder, and more complex designs, and I’m less interested in very simple, minimalistic tattoos. I still love to do linework-based designs, but I am hoping to move my signature linework style in the direction of having more contrast, depth, and detail. I’d like to do more tattoos combining linework shading with grey shading, black fill, and/or color. I am currently not interested in outline-only tattoos, single-line tattoos, or other minimal linework-based tattoos.

Things I like to tattoo:

  • Landscapes (especially steep mountains, large rock formations, and imaginary mountains)
  • Flowers (especially peonies, roses, poppies, and similar flowers)
  • Plants/leaves
  • Skulls/bones
  • Insects/invertebrates
  • Sea life
  • Dinosaurs
  • Most animals (especially weird, creepy, colorful, or obscure ones)
  • Mushrooms
  • Most nature-related imagery
  • Abstract designs
  • Ornamental designs
  • Natural imagery combined with geometric and/or ornamental elements

Things I'm not interested or confident in tattooing at this time:

I might change my mind or feel differently one day, and I might make an exception in some cases, but for now I will generally pass on these requests

  • Mythical creatures
  • Astrology/zodiac
  • Pet portraits
  • Human figures
  • Pop culture
  • Man-made objects
  • Text

 Things I won't tattoo:

These are concepts that I will definitely not tattoo.

  • Copies of art or tattoos that are not my own. (Exceptions may be made if you have written permission of the original artist, or if the source image is within the public domain.)
  • Culturally appropriative content
  • Religious tattoos. (However, I could possibly be open to themes related to Satanism, Paganism, Wicca, etc, especially if it subject matter from my "likes" above)
  • Anything I deem offensive (racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, etc)