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One-off Flash

Mountain 40

Mountain 40

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6 to 7.5 inches tall

Pricing Info

This design will be charged at a flat rate. The price given above is the cost to tattoo this design within the recommended size range on an arm or leg (excluding joints, hands, and feet). Larger sizes and more difficult placements (torso, hands, feet, knees, elbows, neck, etc) will be charged a higher rate, to be determined at your appointment based on final size and placement.

Sizing Info

The size range given above is the recommended range for this design. I am open to going bigger, but I do not recommend going smaller than this range. Larger sizes will be charged at a higher rate.

Design Info

This design is intended to be tattooed exactly as it is in the image pictured here. I will consider minor changes to the design (changes to the shading and/or color, adding or removing minor elements, etc), but you must let me know when booking if you would like me to change anything about the design. If you fail to do so, I may need to reschedule you with a new deposit. If your requested edits will require significant re-designing, I will decline your request for a flash appointment and ask that you request a custom tattoo.

This design is copyrighted property of Lizzy Dalton. Do not copy this design or ask another tattoo artist to copy it.

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